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personal shopping

Do you become quickly disoriented and confused in clothes shops and often buy kaleidoscopic outfits that don't suit you? Shopping doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. We accompany you on shopping trips to your favourite clothes stores and use our expertise to help you choose your new outfits. We will help you to find out which types of clothing suit you best and bring out the best of your natural assets. We will explain the different pattern alignments, the optimal material cuts for your body shape and what to consider when purchasing new outfits, including the shoes and accessories that will accentuate your entire look and personal style. You'll save a lot of time and it's more fun to shop together.

We can combine our personal shopping with a style- and figure analysis on request which includes a personal documentation. This way you'll be prepared for future shopping tours on your own.

Additionally we can offer you a colour analysis in order to find out which colours (warm or cold colours) suit you, flatter your skin and help you to look radiant. Includes a colour passport.

Duration varies based on your specific needs..

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