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  • Styling and props sourcing for advertisements, pictures, film, video productions and fashion shows. We make sure your models/actors look their best by taking care to choose the right clothes, in order to bring out the required image for your models/actors.
  • Styling for those special occasions (shooting, gala dinner, company events, etc.)

Below you will see some of our styling jobs:
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Takes 01 Takes 02 Takes 03

Takes 04 Takes 05 Takes 06
Photos: Copyright 2021 by Nelson Takes

Oberholzer 01 Oberholzer 02 Oberholzer 03
Photos: Copyright 2019 by Elza Oberholzer

Neuhaus 01 Neuhaus 02 Neuhaus 03
Photos: Copyright 2018 by Remo Neuhaus

Kikkas 01 Kikkas 02 Kikkas 03
Photos: Copyright 2018 by Kaupo Kikkas

Heike Gasser 01 Heike Gasser 02 Heike Gasser 03
Photos: Copyright 2009 by Heike Grasser

Bruno Helbling 01 Bruno Helbling 02 Bruno Helbling 03

Bruno Helbling 04 Bruno Helbling 05 Bruno Helbling 06
Photos: Copyright 2008 by Bruno Helbling

Coop ITS Travel 1 Coop ITS Travel 2 Coop ITS Travel 3

Coop ITS Travel 4 Coop ITS Travel 5
Photos: Copyright Coop ITS Travel by Ferdinando Godenzi 2013

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